Fainting Goats and Mini Silky Fainting Goats

Angel watching over her goats.


Little Tippers is a small hobby farm raising fainting goats and mini silky fainting goats.  We are located in south central Wisconsin.  Our fainting goats are healthy and well loved.  We do not sell for meat purposes.
It started with 2 wethers to be shown for 4-H.  That went so well that 2 breeding does were added.  Then another 4-H family got involved and now there are 3 boys in 4-H that have a fainting goat partnership going with a total of 3 wethers, 3 bucks, and 8 does.
It has been a learning experience filled with lots of laughs and joy.  We are constantly learning new things and have had some wonderful people helping us along the way.





2014 babies will start arriving.
Start Breeding the Does for 2014 babies.